Hey. Hi. Hello!

It’s wonderful to meet you. I’m Britt. I am a writer, both by trade and habit. My day-to-day includes writing, reading, and being ready to leap into action for brands, projects, and social media posts.

I took the long way ’round to becoming a writer. My previous work experience includes copywriting for big brands, social media management for a startup, a hostess at a family restaurant, jewelry store clerk, customer service at a grocery store, prep cook on a food truck, and many other odd jobs.

As an ENFP, I am constantly seeking a balance of thrill and learning.  I seek opportunities that put me in a position to learn from as many people as possible, interact with the public, and observe how they communicate with the nouns and verbs they are passionate about.

If you’re seeking a writer or brand consultant for your business in Nashville or someone to work remotely for your business, feel free to email me at britt(dot)whidden(at)gmail(dot)com. You could also just use this handy little form.


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