Routine matters.

“I work from home.”

It’s a sentence that surprises a lot of people, scares some, and is a mystery to the rest. Most days, I’m still not comfortable working from home but I’m working on it. I’ve got to beat Imposter Syndrome and the Lack-Of-Motivation Monster away with a mental stick very often.

On my journey with depression, I learned that I need something to look forward to and work towards. When working from home, a routine is your friend too.
I’m far from pinning down a singular routine that works well for me but here’s what I’ve discovered so far that seems to be helpful to me when working from home.

  • Weekly Must Do’s
    – Map out the week for professional needs.
    – Talk therapy.
    – Plan personal errands for the week.
    – On-site for clients 1 to 2 days, as needed.
  • Daily Must Do’s
    – Set up a workstation at my dining room table.
    – Outline the day in the notebook.
    – Pick a place & start there.
    – Eat something for lunch.
  • Work Station needs
    – A big glass of water.
    – Notebook & writing utensils.
    – Planner/Agenda. I’ve got one from BusyB.Co.UK that I use that has double weeks. I use one for me and one for work. It’s magic.
    – Cell phone. Duh.
    – Chargers for cell phone and laptop. Double duh.
    – Spare hard drive. My laptop is limited on space but mighty on graphics. Content I make has to be able to live somewhere that doesn’t slow down the machine.
    – Occasionally: music set to a dull roar via Spotify.


2 thoughts on “Routine matters.

  1. Ah, yes, a routine works well for me, too. A well ordered person. (And breaking out of that routine on purpose every once in a while can add a different kind of inspiration!) Now, back to my routine. 🙂


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