Brit’s Social Media

Surprise, I love social media. I love the potential it has to connect people and push us to be better. Of course, it can go overboard you can find me at the links and apps below.

When we connect, tell me about yourself and how you found me. I firmly believe that people need people.

Instagram: @whiddengem
Twitter Personal: @whiddengem
Twitter Professional: @brittwhidden
LinkedIn: Britt Whidden
Google+: Britt Whidden
Vero: Britt Whidden
Pinterest: Britt WhiddenGem

Sites I trust:

  • I’m a Google person.*
    • I really like G Suite to help me stay organized between business and personal needs.
  • Shopify is neat for a small business.*
    • I’ve had a lot of friends get ahead of their competition and build a NATIONAL brand with Shopify. They’ve got a sweet trial period where you can try out different storefronts too.
  • YNAB. You need a budget.*
    • It’s changed the way I work with money. Also, it helps my spouse and I communicate about money. They have fantastic blogs, podcasts, and customer service.
  • Ellevest – Investment for women.
    • You should be saving for retirement. Ellevest uses investment algorithms with the wage gap, retirement age, and basic needs that match you with what is most important to your life. I’ve got an emergency fund stashed away and a plan for a down payment for a house.


*Full disclosure: Some of these links are my affiliate links because I already use these services. You’re not obligated to use any of them or commit to any services listed. Do your research. I use these personally but cannot endorse them for everyone’s lifestyle or business needs. 

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