Brit’s Book Beat

I collect a few kinds of things.

One of my favorite places is the flea market. I like unique chairs. I’ve inherited Pyrex in Amish Butterprint and continued the collection. You’ll also find books. Many of them have found me when I needed them. The rest are likely from when I was left to my own devices at the bookstore. #sorrynotsorry

The main reason I wanted to put together a reading list was to help me remember I have things to read already.¬† The full list will be on my Good Reads soon. ūüôā

I love books!

I love how they look. I love the different ways to organize and display them. There are never enough shelves for them. I think the main reasons I don’t have more bookshelves are:

  1. I have a lot of books.
  2. I am not good at putting things back where they belong.
  3. Empty shelf space = Buy. More. Books.

Now for the reading lists! I promise they’re short.

Next Up Reading List – A short list of books I’m reading next. I swear. Stop distracting me with sales, Various Book Stores of America.

–¬†Sunshine State¬†by Sarah Gerard
–¬†Naming the World¬†edited by Bret Anthony Johnston
–¬†My Life on the Road¬†by Gloria Steinem
–¬†Buffering¬†by Hannah Hart
–¬†Hemingway Didn’t Say That¬†by Garson O’Toole

Read These Books List- Books I really like and think you’ll like too… if you’re into that sort of thing.

–¬†One More Thing¬†by B.J. Novak
–¬†The Glass Castle¬†by Jeannette Walls
–¬†Grief is the Thing with Feathers¬†by Max Porter
–¬†Let’s Pretend This Never Happened¬†by Jenny Lawson

My Fave Classics –¬†Basically what I read in high school that shaped my understanding of the world.

Tess of D’Ubervilles¬†
The Great Gatsby
To Kill A Mockingbird
Fahrenheit 451

I’ve got a small favor to ask. Tell me about your reading (or writing) life.

If you enjoy it: Do you find yourself, with enough time, thinking about your world like one of the characters? Do you follow authors or genres?
If you don’t enjoy it:¬†How/When do you lose interest? What other hobbies do you have?